Dear Renée,

I was attending an event and heard you speak but I was too embarrassed to ask this in public. I seem to always attract people that do not want to commit and I have lost my faith in finding a person that wants what I want. You were talking about the walls people build to protect themselves. I feel like I have a fortress around myself. Anything you can suggest to break this wall down and get back out there?

Don’t lose faith my friend and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! In my business, I see and hear about all types of circumstances when it comes to dating and the thick walls of fear that surround so many people. Most people fear rejection. If they are hurt once or twice they build a layer of protection so thick no one can ever get into their heart again. They constantly talk about how hard and terrible dating is. Whether you have a fortress, a brick wall or a dungeon you can only release yourself from these walls from the inside out. Only you have the ability to open the door to your heart! You need to check in with yourself with and do what I call the Internal Diagnostic Tune-up. You may feel more supported to know you aren’t alone by attending one of my seminars, either in person or over the phone!

Most people have very strong beliefs that are, unfortunately, often negative. Each person has their own definition of commitment, love and what makes a great relationship. You believe people don’t want commitment and you keep attracting that type of person. So, now you don’t believe in commitment at all. Once you lose faith, you will keep getting what you don’t want. Most people focus on what they don’t want rather than asking for what they do want.

Once you become aware of these prominent thoughts, you can change them with practice and awareness. It’s an expansion of your mind that is required if you want different results.

If you believe that you can cook or dance, you can, though you may not be perfect at the start. The same goes with Love, we must learn how to create the love we want. We learn our preferences by experimenting and looking into ourselves. Now you realize that, “Casual dating just isn’t for me… I want to be in a committed relationship and grow with someone.”

KNOW THYSELF and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. We can’t assume that people will automatically know what we want in a relationship. Many people believe that if they get intimate with someone it means they are committed. Then they get hurt and the walls go higher. This inner knowing and clarity takes time to examine. A shift in your beliefs, in yourself and your current desires is required. In my coaching sessions, we break down these walls with daily practice and find a new, healthier outlook on life and love.

Who taught us these skills? We all deserve love and you are just now asking for help to achieve that goal. I am here to teach this information because I never had anyone tell me how to break down my walls. I did this work on myself and it worked! It is a way of looking at life or love and believing it is available. First, You must have an open heart for love to find you. If you need more assistance, give me a call for a session or read GET REAL about LOVE~The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True LOVE. Keep the faith! Love is all around you, if you have an opening for it.

If you have a love or dating question or dilemma please email me . I will do my best to help! Need a dating makeover or personal dating consulting call NOW at 310-827-1100! I can help you win in the game of Love!

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