Dear Renee,

I’m a busy executive male who found you on the internet and took your recent “Flirting with Life & Networking” class last month. Wow, did it wake me up to realize that I’m not taking much action to find love during this pandemic! I loved the philosophies you teach that apply to all areas of life! I hear from many business associates that are single or getting back in the game like me that need help learning the latest ways to connect and have more balance in our lives. So many of us feel the frustration after having bad luck on dating sites and apps. I was hoping you could share any tips for my busy executive friends who need to ramp up their game to find love! You gave so many tips in that class that I know people could implement into their busy lives. I feel fortunate to have a great job, but we all know this Covid-19 could keep us isolated for a long time. Any suggestions to improve my odds in the dating game would be appreciated!

Dear Busy Executive,
Thank you for the awesome feedback. I’m so glad you got inspired by the Flirting with Life class and seek more insights to keep you connected. I’m on the phone with busy executives daily who want to feel that connection with someone special. When I ask them how much time in their schedules do they take to commit to finding someone, they often say that love has not been their priority until recently. I believe that this extended Covid-19 crisis has been a massive wake up call for millions around the world about what is most important in our lives: love, health, family, and connection. With so many people losing their jobs and having time to reflect on these important issues, many people are searching for deeper love.

Whether you are single, married, or back in the dating game after a breakup or divorce, we all need steps and tools to help us create an action plan to make love a priority in our lives. That’s why I wrote the book Get Real about Love to tell my story of being a workaholic and how it took my mother’s death to slow me down for me to meet my extraordinary partner.

This crazy time offers people worldwide to reflect deeper on all aspects of their lives and often are not sure who to trust to discuss the various love challenges that arise. Many people feel lonely, heartbroken, or frustrated since the way we date is not normal right now! I’m a confidant to hundreds of executives who need support, married or single.

It was interesting when I scheduled my monthly Flirting with life Class, and a few people contacted me asking, “Renee, do really you think teaching a flirting class during Covid -19 is appropriate during this time in our crazy world? I said, YES, many single people are feeling isolated and married people need some inspiration right now as well So…here are some tips to help you get better results.

In this worldwide pandemic and Love and Connection are still the strongest driving forces in this world. With all the fires, fear of the Covid19 spreading again, and the challenges of the crazy election, I’m here to encourage people to stay open. I know after 30 years in the love industry that we all need more love and connection. This is a running theme I hear from frustrated singles. We all need to reflect and take a step-by-step approach to deal with reality.

How does a busy wonder woman or superman keep their careers on track and find time to date during Covid-19? I hear it all the time, “I am focused on surviving, yet I want to meet a great partner!” “I don’t know how to put myself out there! I may need to wait until this pandemic is over.”

Wake up…life is flashing by, and the pandemic is not going away any time soon.

It’s time to take some risks, change your patterns, and have some fun! Here are a few tips for busy singles from someone who gets your challenge and wants you to help you Get Real about your love life.

Here are some tips for singles getting back out there! Answer these questions below to see where you might need to focus on getting a new outcome? Write out what actions you can do now take to get you ready for your next step.

  • Ask yourself:
  •  Am I putting myself out there to find potential partners?
  • Have I created or updated an online profile for dating sites or apps that are getting results?
  • Have I added dating and “love time outs” into my schedule?
  • Have I spent any time examining my current relationship phase or dealing with my situation?”
  • Is my heart open or blocking me from attracting the right partner(s)?
  • Have I evaluated how I’m marketing and branding myself online on the ever-expanding social media platforms?
    **Have I conducted an assessment of my image and style?
    If I got a call to meet someone today, would I be “date ready?” 
    ** Have I Clarified my top values, goals, and vision for my ultimate relationship?  ** Would I want to date or marry myself right now? Are you the person you want to attract?

Don’t use your work as your excuse not to do the inner reflection to change your life! Promise yourself to carve out a little time for your heart every day and take time for love. I’m here to invite you to Get Ready for Love in advance.

Contact me for a FREE Love Designer Consultation if you are ready to find the love of your life or to get over a broken heart! This work is my passion, and I’m here for YOU!

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