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The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love

It’s Time to Get Real about Love Are you a busy, successful wonder-woman orsupermann who’s ready to find the love of your life or do you keep waiting to reach a certain level of success? Have you been hurt, betrayed or keep meeting the same type of person over and over? If you’re still single, recently divorced, new in the dating game or are reinventing your love life, you are about to embark on a heart opening journey that will be sure to change your life forever.

Get Real about Love is not only a powerful book that weaves in true love stories, secret keys, rituals and all the tools to prepare you for a sacred relationship, it’s a wake-up call for millions of people who are just too busy to take time for love!

This book was written while Renée was recovering from a life-threatening illness and she knew she needed to get this message out to the world! Renée Piane ~The International Love Designer and relationship reinvention expert has helped thousands of people heal their hearts and find love again. She believes that “the choice of your life partner is one of the most important choices you will ever make in your life. It’s important to choose wisely!” This inside/out Love Design process is something that most of us never learned growing up. You will uncover and transform the beliefs that have been passed down through your love lineage and experiences from your past that might be the missing links that have blocked you from love…until now!

Despite being known as a successful, wonder woman, and award-winning love coach and pioneer of the first non-denominational speed dating company (Rapid Dating), Renée Piane didn’t meet her amazing soul mate/husband until she was in her 40s. She was a workaholic on a mission to spread the love and kept putting love on the back burner. It took years of dating unavailable men, a few shocking wake-up calls while producing events nationwide, to slow her down long enough to meet the love of her life. Renée says, “my pain lead me to my passion” and she realized she was attracting partners that were a mirror of herself She openly shares her wild journey in the dating trenches, along with her powerful processes that will guide you to examine and heal your heart to trust in love again!

Renee is on a passionate quest to share her personal journey that finally opened her heart to find true love and has inspired thousands of people of all ages, in different love phases and cultures, (straight and gay) to achieve their ultimate love vision. an open heart, anything is possible!

It’s time for you to Get Real about Love You will uncover and transform the beliefs that have been passed down through your love lineage and experiences from your past that might be the missing links that have blocked you from love…until now!

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“Get Real about Love” should be required reading for women AND men at any stage of their love life. It’s filled with profound insights into human mating psychology and provides specific advice for dealing with the many complexities and hurdles of the mating game. Get it, read it, and learn its lessons from a true mating master!
– David M. Buss, Ph.D., Author of The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating

“Get Real about Love” goes right to the heart of the matter: it’s internal preparation,not external manipulation, that opens the gate and invites true love to enter your life. Renée Piane has a gift for shining light on the path to a lifetime of authentic love.
– Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Life Visioning

Love Mechanics
Power Tools To Build Successful Relationships with Women!

Love Mechanics is the only book of its kind, written specifically for men by Relationship and Dating Consultant, Renée Piane. Written in an easy to understand style, using the car as a metaphor, this book offers men the Power Tools, strategies and Insights to create successful relationships with women. The book compiles insights from leaders in the health, communication, energy and healing fields. Piane shares tools and skills that give men the knowledge and direction to win in the game of love. In short, the book offers straight talk, operating tips, checklists, secrets and strategies to cultivate incredible relationships. 210 pages of life changing information.


You will Learn the Powerful Techniques and Tools to:
Your Power, Confidence & Sex Appeal to Attract Women like a Magnet!
Your Thoughts, Words & Flirting Techniques
that Eliminate the Rejection Factor!
The Clear Signals & “Timing” to Know if You Have a “Green Light!”
Personal Goals & Achieve Success with Women!
A “Man with a Plan” that Works!

We all need tune-ups for our cars … what about our love lives? For the single man whose action is stalled, sluggish, misfiring, or overheating, Renée Piane’s book Love Mechanics: The Power Tools to Build Successful Relationships with Women is welcome roadside assistance … a jump-start back on the road to love and companionship.

This book is designed to offer simple guidelines to assist men in developing the qualities in themselves that they are looking for in others. This book is written in a familiar style that men can easily relate to. Renée knows how to speak to men and knows what they need to hear to get back on the straight-away.

She has been working with men and their relationship challenges for years. In her groundbreaking book, Renée passes along tools and skills that give men the insight and direction to win at love. She offers straight talk, operating tips, checklists, secrets, and strategies to cultivate incredible relationships. Renée shows how single life can be exciting and fulfilling, whether on a road trip to discover that “special someone” or a chosen single lifestyle.

The fact is that the mores and lifestyle choices of past generations have little impact on the current culture. Single people today have few teachers or role models to demonstrate healthy ways of living a passionate single life.

Men have had a tendency to “roll with the punches” and fend for themselves, unless they were blessed with a helpful sister, a caring ex-girlfriend, or a great woman friend. Men have been in desperate need of practical romantic advice.
Finally, not finding one book that adequately deals with the frustration of being a single male in a clueless society, Renée decided to write Love Mechanics: The Power Tools To Build Successful Relationships with Women. In the process, she has interviewed hundreds of couples, singles, authors, and leaders in the field, and has uncovered many new possibilities for single life.

Renée’s work is a ‘must have’ resource for all men wanting to build successful relationships with women.
— Curt Smith,

Renée is able to offer very insightful “power tools” and the reader is given the insight to use them to change their relationships and achieve success in love.
— Mark Victor Hansen, Co creator of the # 1 best seller “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Finally the power tools men really need! Love Mechanics offers the missing link between men and women.

— Eve Hogan, author of “Intellectual Foreplay”

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