Love Designer Services

This is our MENU of Specialized Services that can help you achieve your love vision. Any of these services can be added to any of your personalized coaching packages.

heart_bulletHeart Healing Sessions & Love Readings

Are you experiencing a heart-wrenching breakup and need to get over your ex, call Renée. She will help you get centered, wake-up-from-your-break-up and help guide you out of your pain. Relationship challenges can eat away at your self-esteem, make you feel powerless and like you can never trust in love again. Let Renée’s intuitive guidance set your heart free. Renée also does readings, personalized prayers and meditation tapes to calm your spirit.

heart_bulletProfile Redesign: Updating Your Online Profile to Get Results!

Let’s make some magic for your online dating experience! If you aren’t getting any action with your current online dating profile, we’ll design a custom profile to help attract your ideal match! We will review your current photos and create and upload a profile you can use on multiple sites that sends out the right signals to help make your dreams come true! Let’s get started!

heart_bulletMagical Image Makeovers ~ Let’s Get You Date Ready!

Imagine looking into your closet and having the perfect clothes for all occasions! Renée will enhance your best assets and add some spice to your existing wardrobe with pieces and accessories to define your new look. She will build you a wardrobe that can all work together. You will look and feel more confident and you’ll have all your dating outfits ready to go on a moment’s notice. You can bet people are checking you out, so let’s make you stand out!

heart_bulletCreate Your Love Nest!

If you knew that the love of your life was coming into your life in the next thirty days would you feel ready to have him or her come stay at your place? Get Ready for LOVE… Let’s create your LOVE NEST now! Designing your home to welcome in love shows that your care about your living space. So, why wait? We can help you create a stylish and inviting environment in your home to get you ready for love in advance.

heart_bulletPersonal Match Making Services

If you want to get hooked up with a great Matchmaker give Renée a call! She collaborates with many great matchmakers and does some personal matchmaking (for select clients only).

The most important decision in your life is meeting the perfect match for you. So, call Renée for a Love Design consultation! Renée Piane has matched hundreds of couples in the last 20+ years. You will be guided and inspired by the 2014 iDate Top International Love & Dating Coach.

heart_bulletMock Dating Services

Renée will send you out on a mock date with an attractive, age-appropriate associate who will give us both honest feedback on the initial first impression, your communication skills and help you to see how you are presenting yourself on dates.

heart_bulletPersonal Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy

Transform your life with guided visualization, Hypnosis, NLP communication, and Time Line therapy sessions. Break up long-standing behavioral patterns and other deep-rooted issues that you’ve been struggling with your whole life, once and for all! Contact Renee for a FREE consultation

heart_bulletCouples Coaching Sessions

Renée works with couples who are experiencing challenges in their relationship to help them see both sides of the situation and how to resolve conflicts with effective communication techniques. Do you have commitment issues? Fears about marriage or dating someone going through a divorce? Call Renée!

heart_bulletWedding Ceremony Design & Bridal Consulting

Let’s make some magic for your Wedding Day! After 25 years of helping brides and grooms prepare for their sacred day, Renée can help you design your wedding ceremony, music and offers referrals to all of the services you will need to create your dream wedding.