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Inspire Your Audience With Renée Piane

Renée is a dynamic, life-changing speaker, seminar leader, as well as a TV and Radio personality. Whether she is teaching people how to find a balance between work and love, connecting people at her events, or sharing her Get Real about Love wisdom, Renée’s direct and articulate style will enlighten and inspire any audience.

Does your group need a host or hot speaker for an event?
If your company or organization needs a Top Speaker or MC to connect your audience before or during an event, it’s time to call Renée Piane – The Matchmaker for Love and Business. Renée can facilitate a Rapid Networking event for your company to enliven any event and connect your audience. She also teaches networking and rapport building skills, and how to attract and retain client satisfaction and so much more.

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Here is a Testimonial from NAPW
“As president of the North Orange County chapter of NAPW, I’m always looking for fabulous speakers, and I definitely found one, Renee Piane! I heard her speak at the Santa Monica chapter meeting and she was inspirational, entertaining and engaging. Her energy took the meeting to a whole new level. Her tips were concrete, informative and actionable. We learned so much from her speech, and, all agreed, this was the best speaker we’ve ever had. I highly recommend her for any group seeking to a dynamic speaker. I’ve scheduled her for our meeting in February 2017.”
                          – Carol Soloway, D.C. NAPW –North OC Chapter President

“Renée Piane facilitated our ‘Bridging Heart and Marketing II’ conference participants with her ‘Rapid Networking’ experience and everyone LOVED her and wished the process had lasted even longer. Renée is an outstanding speaker – and we don’t say that lightly. She’s passionate, funny, confident and holds the stage like few people can. Use her. You’ll be glad you did!”

– Jim and Judith, Producers of Bridging Heart and Marketing

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Group Lectures/Coaching

As a graduate of the American Seminar Leaders Association and a member of the Women Speakers Association, NBA, eWomen Network, Holistic Chamber of Commerce, NAPW and more. Renée facilitates group lectures, inspirational seminars and coaches singles, couples and teens, as well as organizations with issues relating to:

  • The Art of Balancing your Life, Love, Family, and Business
  • How your personal relationship status affects your life, business, and success
  • Effective Communication Skills (Learn Renée’s “Truth Sandwich Technique”)
  • The 7 Secrets to Effective Networking
  • Teen Dating and Communication Skills
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Training for Teens in high school and college
  • Renée’s Rituals, Energy Exercises, and Meditations to keep you in balance
  • Dating after Divorce- Getting Back in the Dating Game
  • Wake Up from your Break up- Getting Over a Broken Heart
  • Flirting & Body Language Classes with Interactive Role Playing
  • Daily Self Love Rituals and Practices to Maintain Balance
  • Expert Advice Panels with Authors, Therapists, and Doctors
  • 7 Secrets to Making a Great First Impression
  • Branding and Marketing Yourself Live and Online
  • Rapid Networking Tips-The Techniques to Make Great Connections
  • Daily Practices to Help Switch Gears from Work to Romance
  • How to Discuss Sex in the Dating Game,
  • How to Discuss Commitment Without Scaring Potential Partners Away

These interactive lectures/coaching sessions are sponsored by corporations, individuals, singles’ groups, divorce attorneys, financial planners, men/women’s organizations, high schools, universities, retreat centers, networking groups and clubs. As a trained NLP communications expert and Time Line Therapy practitioner as well as a clinical hypnotherapist, Renée tailors her lectures for each group. Call our office to set up a session for an enlightening interactive experience.

Companies Renée Has Worked With

NAWBO In Ventura County
Balancing Love Business and Family

I Date Conference
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

The Learning Annex Seminars
15 years of Speaking on Various Love and Dating Topics.

Tribal Truth
Featured Speaker: “The Secrets into the Minds of Men”.

Holistic Chamber Of Commerce In Irvine – April 2018
Get Date Ready for a Stand Out Business

BEST YOU EXPO – March 2018
Hosted Rapid Networking and featured Speaker”The Art of Balancing Life, Love, Family and Business

Leaders Causing Leaders
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

EWomen Network Los Angeles – May, 2016
How Wonder Women Balance Love, Business, Men & Family

Women Of Excellence May 2017Featured Speaker-Balancing Love, Business and Family

NAPW National Association For Professional Women – Aug, 2016 Santa Monica – Feb 2017 Orange County
Staying Sexy & Balance in Love and Business.

Global Women’s Summit Los Angeles
Featured Expert.

Mentadent “Get A Reaction” Campaign

Amazing Womans 10th Anniversary Red Carpet Event
Host, Interviewed the Experts.

RED – Professional Networking
Featured Speaker.

Baja Singles Cruise
Featured Speaker and Host.

Sex, Dating & Relationship Symposium
Keynote Speaker.

The Bridging Heart & Marketing Conference
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

YMCA Women In The Drivers Seat
Sponsored by the YMCA-Featured Speaker.

Friday Night Live Sinia Temple Singles Events
Hosted Rapid Dating Events for 3 Months.

Brave Heart Women’s Conference
Speaker, TV Guest and Rapid Networking Facilitator.

Gluten Free Singles.Com
Featured Love Expert in Media and Online Advice.

Pants Clothing For Men
Makeover Fashion Show and TV Segment.

EF International Language Academy
Love and Dating Seminars for International Students.

Brentwood Media /West Side Today Events
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

Featured Love and Dating Adviser.

Amazing Womans Day
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

EF International Language Academy
Love and Dating Seminars for International Students.

Holistic Chamber Of Commerce Santa Monica – July 2017
Featured on a Panel about Balancing Health, Business and Love

Festival Of Goddesses -Laguna Beach
Hosted a Man Panel and Rapid Mixer.

Conscious Life Expo Feb 2017
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

NAPW National Association For Professional Women – Aug, 2016 Santa Monica – Feb 2017 Orange County
Staying Sexy & Balance in Love and Business.

Agape Business Ministry
Facilitated Rapid Networking Events and Seminars.

Host, Partner and Spokesperson.

Los Angeles And San Francisco Single Fest

Rubicon Results
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

WNBA Women’s National Book Association
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

Westside Today And Brentwood News
Host of Cosponsored Rapid Networking Event.

The New Girls’ Network
Featured Speaker.

Agape International Women’s Retreat
Speaker on “The Secrets into the Minds of Men”.

Empowered Women Events
Featured Speaker and Facilitated Rapid Networking.

Cupid’s Coach Panel Night
Featured Expert.

Agape International
Facilitated Rapid Dating Events, Seminars, & Fundraisers.

Featured Article on Couples.

I have been a member of NAWBO Ventura County for 8 years and attend most events. Your presentation was one of the most enjoyable that I have attended. Thank you for your honesty, energy and enlightened point of view.

– Neil Palache, Certified Women’s Money Coach<br />

“Renee, I just wanted to tell you what a great speaker you were and it was an honor to get to meet such a great lady.  You have a lot of class, style and confidence, I loved your super woman outfit! There was a lot of truth and wisdom in the message you shared, it helped me, thank you. I’ve been married almost 32 years so I need some SPARK and so does he! So thank you!

I’m going to recommend you speak at the Orange county chapter they have over 200 members and I think you would enjoy their membership as well.

– Brenda Terzian-President-Elect NAWBO Ventura County

“Renée is the ultimate connector and creates bridges for people to get together for fun, socializing, business and dating. I went to her Rapid Networking event and was amazed at all the professionals there. She offers amazing resources and everyone made a lot of contacts. Renée blended the Rapid Dating concept to social and business networking and it helps brings all the pieces together to create synergy and action. Renée is a loving, Italian Yenta! She offers a stress-free way to connect and it works!”

– Ruth Klein, Branding and Productivity Coach,

The Rapid Networking event at the Warehouse was outstanding!  I ended up with a few strong leads and also met another contact in the same line of business that I might collaborate with on future work.  Best of all, as a new business owner, I received many networking and general business tips from the people I met. Thanks for putting on such a great event!
– Ken Kueker
from Billboard Connection West LA

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