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Flirting Tips -Make your Own Fireworks this Summer! 

Make your Own Fireworks this Summer! Renee Piane ~The LOVE Designer offering some GET Real about LOVE flirting advice to spark up your Summer! With the 4th of July approaching some singles often get bummed out on holiday weekends wondering where to go to have some...

Building Dating Confidence

Dear Renee (Love Designer), My friends are constantly putting women down, and I personally think that they are really intimidated by women. When we go to bars, they are so arrogant and cocky.  Deep down they are all very insecure. How can I deal with my own...

Finding Love after Covid!

Finding Love After Covid by Renee Piane What did you learn about yourself during Covid? As a Love Reinvention Coach, I found that Covid was a huge wake-up call and a Love Reality check! After over 30 years in this amazing love business, I deal with people in all...

Feeling Guilty about a Casual Fling!

Feeling Guilty about a Casual Fling!

Feeling Guilty about a Casual Fling! Dear Renee (Love Designer) I am a 48-year-old single woman who hasn't dated in over a year after losing my boyfriend in a car accident during Covid. I have been very lonely and isolated. I recently had a one-night wild fling with a...

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