5 Tips to Ponder when you are Dating by Renee Piane

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5 Tips to Ponder When you are Dating?

So many people want to find true love, yet they may have someone or a pattern blocking their path. So let’s “Get Real” and ask yourself:

  1. Am I working so much that I only have time to squeeze in A TEMP that often fills the loneliness gap in my life? You may get attached to an unavailable partner and waste years of your precious time!

  2. Am I healed after my last Relationship? Do I have a pattern of rushing back into love?

    It’s best to take time to look at your dating patterns and learn from the last relationship before you jump back into the dating game!

  3. Am I trying to change or push the person that I’m dating to make a commitment when they told me upfront that they were not in that space?
    Just be honest with yourself and let them go if you know they are not ready. Trust in your gut and gently give them the space to explore their feelings and don’t freak out. Regain your power and open up the space for someone that is ready for love!

  4. Are you expecting your partner to suddenly be committed and be your source of happiness after a few dates?
    Get Real.. you need to be happy in your own life and get to know someone before you jump all in. Many people have unrealistic expectations especially if they had sex right away. It takes time to know someone so slow down and don’t push people.

  5. Are you Staying in an unhealthy relationship because you are afraid you won’t find the right match?
    Your heart knows the truth. You need to get support and move on with a new plan of action.

  6.  Can you Let go of the high expectations and stay open to love all around you?

If any of these quotes sound like you…it’s time to Examine your heart and create a new vision!

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