Exploring Your Love Patterns Blocking You From Love

Get Real About Love Class For Women Who Are Serious About Having Extraordinary Love

If love is your priority… its time to: Get REAL about LOVE learn how to manifest and design the Love you want . This Love Event will explore what patterns are blocking you from Love from your role models and your unique Love Lineage! You will learn how to transform these patterns for good with the little girl inside you and be able to recognize the patterns in the men you date before you get involved. You will also discover how to understand the man or men that are in your life now. This life transforming healing work could be the key to finding the love you have been searching for… with healer of the heart, Renee Piane.
WHEN: Tuesday nights
TIME: 6:45 sign in grab sparkling water, wine and light treats
The Love session is from 7:00pm – 9:00 pm
WHERE: The beautiful home of Sarah Richman
from E Women Network
12046 Coyne Street
Los Angeles,Ca 90049
In Brentwood North of San Vincente off Bundy
Please Order Tickets BEFORE 12:00 NOON!

“GET REAL” Topics Include- Opening your Heart fully to Love
Examining & Healing Your Love Imprints

Explore your positive and limiting beliefs about dating and men
* Uncover the road blocks that keep you from love
* Learn the Internal programs that run you unconsciously

Who is Steering your Thoughts & Conversations?
* Master Love and dating language and discover the powerful influence of your words and voice tone
Be Your Own Love Investigator
* Unlock Your Family History & Secret Love Imprints
* Investigate the Past: A Relationship Review
* Relationship Review List: Are you in a Love Loop?
* Heart Healing List and Rituals.

It’s Time To “Get Real” With Renee Piane To Learn How To Manifest And Design The Love You Want At A Special Love Price!!
Join us for a live heart expanding one night seminar with Renee The LOVE Designer and get inspired by her wisdom, passion and humor. Renee has helped thousands of people find True Love. Renee is a popular speaker, columnist, author of Get Real about LOVE, Love Mechanics and a true healer of the heart. Renee will help you design your plan of action to Get Ready for LOVE and Attract the Relationship of Your DREAMS!


SINGLE TICKETS ONLY $35 in advance

$40 Cash Or Check At The Door

Invite A Friend It’s a heart opening & enlightening experience! You will be able to ask questions and Renee can help open your heart to Love from the inside out.

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