Wake Up From Your Break Up!


If You Are Here I Can Guess You Have Either Just Broken Up With Someone You Were Dating, Living With Or Married To And You Are In Shock! Now What? Your Heart Is Broken! You Are In Despair! Who do you turn to after being in what you thought was possibly a great relationship or maybe you finally had the courage to walk out on someone who was just not right for you.

So You Are Obviously… Hurt. Frustrated And Possibly Beating Yourself Up? If you are feeling crappy, my mission is to help you…WAKE Up from your BREAK Up so that you will never feel this crappy feeling again. I can promise you in the very near future you will be transformed and most importantly will not RUSH out there to numb your pain only to keep attracting the same type of person or situation you just got away from!

I have helped thousands of people get back their confidence, their power and most importantly, break the patterns that created this relationship in the first place. I myself had a series of relationships in my past that were not aligned with my true vision of love, but I was just too busy to get honest with myself at that time!

Now I Can Guarantee You …This is the Wake Up Call that will Change Your Life.
Do You Need to Wake Up from Your Break Up?
Get Your Heart Back in the Game!


  • Suddenly single and in shock?
  • Getting over a broken heart and not sure how to get over your EX?
  • A bit rusty in the dating game?
  • Confused on how to get started with all the new ways to connect?
  • Uncomfortable with flirting and approaching others?
  • Wondering when it’s the right time to date when you have kids?
  • Ready to Get back in the game, open up and reinvent your new life?

It’s time to let me, the author of the Get Real about Love book share The Secrets to Opening your Heart and Finding TRUE LOVE! I will help you release your old relationship and create a vision and attitude for your new lifestyle. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy Practitioner as well as a healer of the heart.

I’ll Take You By The Hand Every Step Of The Way As You Reinvent Your Life!
So Let’s Get You Started With My 90 Minute Coaching Special!

Contact Renée at the office or by email and we can set up your session today! Let’s create your new love story!

In The Wake Up From Your Break-Up Package You Will Learn How To:

  • Get over your broken heart and release your old relationship
  • Build a support system to help you when you feel down
  • Create a vision and attitude for your new life style
  • Practice daily rituals/meditations to keep you positive and energized
  • Update your style and image when you feel ready to date

I will show you how to get over your broken heart and release your old relationship while creating a vision and positive attitude for your new life style.

You will enjoy learning how to “Flirt with Life” and expand your social network and have fun updating your style and image to feel ready to date with intention and success. Learn easily how to identify the “red and green light signals” to know if someone is interested.

I help heal hearts all over the world working with millions of people just like you through all the phases of love.

Stop Spending Your Hard-Earned Money On Wasted Connections And Make A Real Difference As You Open Your Heart To Love Again. Join Me For The “Wake Up From Your Break Up” Coaching Package And I Guarantee Your Life Will Be Transformed.

Experience has taught me much about the various ways generations date and the deeper issues people face in today’s mad world of dating.

I work with a limited amount of clients each year and I’m proud of the thousands of success stories.

I will design you a personalized program to reinvent your love life with my “Wake Up From Your Break Up” coaching package. Call me to set up your heart healing sessions now and GET Your LIFE BACK!

You Will Also Receive:

  • Get Real about Love book The Secrets to Opening your Heart and Finding TRUE LOVE
  • Downloadable recordings from all of our sessions
  • Access to all of my other services and resources
  • Create an Action plan that will be perfectly tailored to your unique situation, personality and goals

I will help you Create your New Love Story… and help you gain the confidence to Get back in the game of love! So what are you waiting for?.I have a great success rate for transforming lives so you can create a vision and attitude for your new lifestyle..

With The “Wake Up From Your Break Up” Package, I Can Help You Master Your Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Skills So You Can Expand Your Social Network And Find Your True Love.

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