Renée interviews Cindy Margolis and one of Tiger Woods Girls on the Red Carpet at “The Night of 100 Stars”

Mar 9, 2010 | Dating Advice, Events, Interviews, Love Advice, Singles Advice | 0 comments

I had the pleasure of doing interviews with some famous stars at the “Night of 100 Stars” on the Red Carpet Sunday night and many of them had some great wisdom about Love. All the glitz, fashion and glamour is very exciting to be around but guess what they have the same challenges just like we all do with people not committing, not taking time for Love or being so busy and time passes them by.
Most of us look to Hollywood movies and read the tabloids to find out what is going on with the stars. Keep checking back since I am editing the footage…
For all you men out there….I did get to interview Cindy Margolis (one of the most viewed women on the internet) who I discovered has not found true love yet? I was speaking to her about her love life and told her I had some words of widom for her since from my side she is looking for something special yet perhaps not sending the right signals out to attract the right guy. Who knew a super model would have dating dilemas? her is the link to our interview:

I also interviewed one of Tiger Woods girl friends of 3 years,Veronica Siwik-Daniels, a former porn actress who said she had a three-year relationship with Woods and was “bitterly disappointed” that he didn’t mention her on Friday in the list of people to whom he owed apologies.

I asked her about her affair with that wild Tiger…and when I asked her “if she felt guilty about sleeping with some one elses husband” Gloria Allred (the famous Hollywood attorney) said “She has had enough …no more comments please” and wisked her away. I must say Veronica was not all that hot …what was Tiger thinking?
any how I am off to do editing and here are a few photos to hold you over til the videos are up!
more to come! Keep the faith ….As long as you Believe in Love and give it out it will find you!