Lessons on Life & Love from my Best Friend Rhonda Grayson-by Renée Piane -Love expert!

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Rhonda Grayson
Born July 19th! We love and miss you!

Happy Birthday to Rhonda Grayon!!!
Over two years ago I lost my best friend Rhonda Grayson to cancer and it ended up being a wakeup call for me! She left me with Lessons on Life and Love that I want to share with you.
You can hear her on my online radio show on a recording we did before she passed away! It is show # 30 with a cute picture of her and her dog Skye.If you ever lost a best friend, loved one or family member it often makes you take the time to look at your life and say…
Am I doing my dream?
Am I loving my friends and family enough?
Do I Take Time for Love?
Am I really with the right partner?
Am I taking care of myself?
Are the friends I have really there for me?

When Rhonda got diagnosed with bladder she was told she had 2 months to live. She flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles to spend time with me, my husband, friends and her brother Stephen. She and I spent time reminising our crazy times being single and we did so many fun things…shopping, walks on the beach, massage, dinner with close friends, praying and a vision board for her health. She went on a low sugar, akaline diet and my accupunturist offered her alternative treatments that helped her live an extra year!

The one message that was clear from her that I want to pass on is …to Take time to appreciate every moment of life and the people you love! Do your passion and stop working too much! Take time to reflect and pray and focus on what you want to do… not worrying so much about what others think of you or how successful you get! You can’t take anything with you except Love and the memories you make!

Since then I am fully living my passion and teaching my Love Seminars, hosting fun Cocktail parties to connect people and Spreading the love with my coaching . If you need guidance or a wake up call for you love life contact me!! I can help open your eyes to finding TRUE Love and living your passion
Hope this inspires you to Take more Time for your health and LOVE …life is too short!
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Rhonda says “Live life to the fullest since you never know when its your time to go!”
Keep spreading the love since to me love is the most important thing in our lives!
Keep in touch! I am here to help!

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