Dear Renée (Love Designer),

I saw you on TV and you were discussing commitment-phobic men. I’m wondering if I’m one of these types. My friends say I have a commitment problem! How will I know? Please help!

Commitment Phobic

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Dear Commitment-Phobic,

So you think you’re commitment-phobic? The fact that you’re even asking is a part of your answer. Answer the questions below honestly and GET REAL! If you really want to change, call me for a private coaching session so you don’t ruin your life or the lives of the people you date.

Do you only lasts 2-3 months in a relationship and then move on to the next, bigger and better deal? Do you run the other way when you get close to a partner?

Let’s see if you fit the bill of a commitment-phobic man.

Thanks to some insight from my book Love Mechanics and interviews with hundreds of singles, I listed some of the types of men that women watch out for.

1- The High Speed Chaser: A man that falls in and out of love quickly. He declares love early on then gets restless and breaks up with a woman for the smallest reason. Generally, a man does this because he needs to boost his self-esteem by quickly moving on to his next conquest. Are you a high speed chaser with a trail of pissed off women and some broken hearts in your past?

2- The Bigger, Better Deal: A man who thinks he needs an exact list of qualities in a wife and as soon as a woman doesn’t meet one of the requirements, he looks for a replacement. This man has unrealistic expectations and always believes there is a better deal around the corner. Are you a perfectionist looking for the “perfect” woman?

3- A Passenger Still Remains in their Vehicle: A man whose ex is still inside his heart, but is looking for someone to quickly replace his lost love. The women he dates never get all of him because there is no room in his heart for future until he gets over his ex. Do you have a passenger remaining in your vehicle?

4- Out of Gas: A walking, wounded man who has been so badly burned that he is scared of being hurt again. In order to protect himself, he never fully commits to a relationship because there is too much risk involved in commitment. Are you afraid to give love with a full tank? Have you given up on love?

Ask your self? What does commitment mean to you? Both parties involved need to be on the same page about this issue. Don’t assume anything or you might be led on.  Are you being honest with yourself and the people you date?

Girls! If you’re dating a player and cant move on, call me for a FREE 15 minute LOVE session and let me help you break the bad boy pattern! That is if you are ready for love. Also, check out my seminars online at www.René for more advice.

Do not waste years of your life dating commitment-phobic men! I’ve been there done that and it is a BIG waste of time and energy.

Need coaching check out my work online…
I have helped thousands find LOVE… now it is your turn!

Be True to your Heart,
Renée Piane

The Love Designer for people who are really Ready for LOVE!

If you have a love or dating question or dilemma please email me . I will do my best to help! Need a dating makeover or personal dating consulting call NOW at 310-827-1100! I can help you win in the game of Love!

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