Rusty in the Dating Game? Don’t Rush into Love by Renee Piane

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New in the Dating Game? Don’t Rush into Love

Are you new in the dating game or rusty after being in a long-term relationship or divorce? Join the club of millions of singles out there! Let’s face facts:
Most people are in various love phases and if you are dating some who might be ready for love and you’re new in the dating game, the timing could be wrong and you could get hurt in the process. This goes for both men and women

Many people jump into love too fast and get disappointed after a  person who has more experience loses interest after you got romantically involved. This video will help you learn from a client who rushed into love without checking out the woman he met and fell hard and fast!

The chemistry took over and she blinded him with hot sex. He had warning signs along the way and didn’t listen to his gut… she broke up with him over a text and wondered what happened?
What can he learn from this experience?
Here are some insights in this video to help you not beat yourself up and learn from this experience.

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