A New Vision this Spring!

Happy SPRING! I stepped into this new season with passion and purpose despite the pandemic. This virus has changed our lives and we have all had time to reflect on the important areas in our hearts, that definitely got stirred up all over the world! But it is ending and we still must carry forth a vision that is ours alone.

No one else is in your situation, and often most people don’t know you at all. In my work helping people to Reinvent, these clients shared that this time slowed them down to finally see how many of them often didn’t have deep relationships even with the core people in their daily lives or social circles. We are just too busy to notice how disconnected we really are.Let’s all reinvent. So now is the present time to set a new vision for whatever mission is pulling at you your heart and soul. I have a fun interactive vision board classes every month Come join us

Many people use the new year to do an evaluation by taking a deeper look at their lives and reflecting on their past and the choices they have made. Covid has opened up the deepest parts of some of us. Others have walls of protection guarding their hearts. Often, we set big intentions to inspire change. These resolutions seem to be the most prevalent that I hear from clients to:

  • I’m committed to eating healthier foods and setting up regular workouts to make my fitness a priority.
  • Finding my amazing and ultimate match this spring
  • I’ll see my family more for quality time together!
  • I’m quitting smoking cigarettes for good!
  • I’m ready to organize my workspace to get ready for success!
  • To find new business opportunities that are more aligned with my mission.
  • Spend more fun quality time with my family, significant other, and friends.
  • To discuss future travels, and try out some new adventures and hobbies now!
  • Declutter my storage, basement garages
  • Reorganize and update their wardrobes
  • Let go of outdated relationship vampires that don’t enhance their lives.
  • Most importantly, make love a priority whether you are married or single!
  • ADD your vision here…

When people start cleaning out the old to make room for success, health, or spicing up their love lives, it takes energy, intention, and commitment to achieve each forward motion. Sharing your new intentions live with trusted friends, a coach, a mate, and writing your goals down sets things in motion. You must really commit to those changes to make things happen. Sharing your vision with people who “have your back” will support your commitment. By taking new actions each day you’ll soon be reinstalling new action steps to shift the old habits into new intentions for whatever you want to achieve it takes at least 30 days, so you need to be consistent.

Each spring I update my vision board and reorganize my wardrobe. I also make sure I keep my conversations with friends and family positive and add new photos and words to my vision board. It really sets my spring in motion and we often get together with friends to share our dreams and visions for the spring season It’s a blast! This year we did it on Zoom! Then other people that are important in your life can support you while you are reaching your new visions in 2021.

Many people have heard of creating a vision board or may have created a board years ago. I must say after doing what I’m suggesting creating Vision boards really set up your new year. I have been teaching classes on it, creating my own vision boards and designing vision journals for clients for more than 28 years with many success stories to share like this one below.


Victoria is a 62-year-old, beautiful, and energetic graphic artist who had challenges finding men she was attracted to. She came to my vision class to manifest love and success. She doubted she would find a man who could keep up with her energy level and passion for life. She was looking for an intelligent, romantic man who could make her laugh, was spiritual, sexually active, loved to travel, still had a full head of hair, and a sense of style. She envisioned him to look like Jeff Bridges, so we created a cool vision board for her with a picture of him on it. We added descriptive words, a photo of The Kiss by the artist Gustav Klimt, a wedding ceremony and couples in love. At the time, Victoria had been dating a nice man named James and she thought they were “just movie buddies” for months.  After she added romantic words and photos of a couple kissing to her vision board, James suddenly landed a hot kiss on her and she was shocked. They realized they had built a strong foundation for a loving relationship and they also had amazing chemistry. She called me to pass on the news that her vision board had worked! She is now has been married to James for 6 years, who is a spitting image of Jeff Bridges and has all the qualities and characteristics she added to her board. They are very happy and deeply in love!

Many people know what vision boards are, but most don’t know how amazingly powerful they can be. Many companies and athletes use visioning to achieve remarkable success. It is also a powerful tool to help you find love, success, and meet your own personal goals. Vision boards can be simple or intricate. It’s all up to you. By taking time to cut words, pictures, and power statements from magazines or other sources, these can program your subconscious and conscious minds to give you what you see and feel! Your unique vision board represents your lifestyle, your heart’s desire. Spending focused time doing this creative exercise will help you clarify your vision.

Many of you have seen my husband Joe Campanella and my dog Buddy online or live. They both were on my vision boards in my past and their likeness of them was so real, my vision was added to an article in the Huffington Post article entitled:

Vision Boards, Because new Year’s Resolutions were so last year by Stephan Spencer
Look at the vision board photos and the actual visions come true

My vision of my husband& my dog Buddy
        Here is the real live Buddy
My Vision of my husband                      The Real Joe                                     

I’d invite you to check it out and to join me in the new year to Create your New Vision Board (held Monthly.) If you have a love success story or a vision come true story, please write to me to inspire others to believe in love and success. I love helping people find love and to inspire them with REAL stories.  I have met many of you over the years and heard some spicy stories and romantic tales of your love story so send them in!

The one intention I have is to continually learn and grow this year and to spread my message of love to the world with my online and live classes. What is life without love? Love is available to all of us in many forms if we stay open.

I’m completing my next book and teaching a class on it in January if anyone is interested to “GET READY for LOVE.”  I always say, “It’s never too late to find love and it takes is an open heart and staying open to love all around you.” Want to learn how to Open your Heart to love again?  Check out my book Get Real about Love-The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love. The book offers a step- by step process to heal your past and design a new future!
Get Real About Love
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If you have a great love story to share, a burning question or a love dilemma, send in your questions to Renee@ReneePiane.com.  I can help you with your challenges. I will support you to create a New Love Story in 2020 with a LOVE Design session. Get on our list to receive FREE advice and find about all of the resources, fun social events and seminars to help you tune up your love life!

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Live your life with passion… Have fun every day and express your love to those you love often. Happy New Year!

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