Happy February!
This is Renee Piane ~The Love Designer. It’s the month of LOVE and I just had some thoughts to share about the passing of Kobe Bryant, his beautiful daughter and all the passengers on that helicopter. Surely, this tragic accident is still lingering in our minds and hearts. There are so many news shows and articles about him everywhere. He was a very inspiring man and has impacted many lives with his leadership and positive messages. How can we grow from this? I find that such tragedies teach us to love deeper.

I contacted many sad family members and friends, and I kept hearing how this horrible accident makes them all reflect on the special moments and blessings in our lives. The shock of how “in an instant” people’s lives are suddenly swept away is a jolt to our hearts. Seeing the response from people around the world is very touching, and it makes you examine your life. It’s a reminder to appreciate how precious every sweet moment is with your children, spouse, family, and friends. We often take for granted the time we have on earth to live and love fully. Many of us are just too busy. We may only have one more day or fifty more years…we never know. I often wonder why does it seem to take a tragedy for us to get closer or to wake us up?

The month of love a great time to start being more present and to make people think seriously about their lives and love deeper. We all have challenges and I’m only “Getting Real” about what whirls through people’s minds in reflective moments. I’ve spoken to many people this week and we discussed;

* What message would I have wanted to share with my kids, spouse, siblings, and friends?

* If our finances were in place to safeguard our families if suddenly we were gone? Are my living trust and will up to date?

* Did I take the time to give the love I kept promising to my family, friends and to myself…once I had the time?

* If I knew that I was only going to be here for a month or a year how would I be living life differently? What legacy would I be leaving behind?

*Do I have any regrets or special messages that I wanted to share with people in my life?

I say, Do it now! This crazy pandemic  is the perfect time to give more attention to people that are closest to you in a deeper way. Taking time to reflect is important.

Getting Real about Love” and to examining your heart and giving more love in your community, your workplace, and creating sacred space for family and friends. Love deeply and stay in touch with the people you love in your life. Make your list of people that come to mind and take action today. Pick up the phone, write them a text or a card, plan a lunch or dinner date and connect.

Many people will be gathering to honor all those innocent people and their family members and of course the amazing Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna #Gigi. He was such an inspiring soul and a person that gave so much love and his legacy will live on. Let’s send our love and prayers to his family and all of the families that lost loved ones and be grateful. Let’s learn from this experience and Celebrate Life now and be more present!

Take Time for Love now!

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