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Valentine’s Day is upon us again and what a great time to look at the love and beauty that surrounds us. Whether paired up or solo, are we content in our own hearts? Can we grasp the truth that love starts on the inside? So many hearts feel so a lot of pressure since the focus is romance and often the people we are in love with don’t step up to our expectations. Why ponder the lack and be grateful for any love in your life right now. If you can’t find a trinket of love in your heart, perhaps it is time to look at love from a different set of eyes. Love comes from giving it away, and often we need to give ourselves permission to love again. This media crazy day can stir the heartstrings if you let it. Take a look inside and ask are you giving yourself the love you’re asking for? Love flows & expands when it is appreciated and shared from a generous heart. Think of all the people you love in your life and express it.

Single? Be your own Valentine and treat yourself to something sweet and make some fun plans. Don’t stay home alone and pout. So if you are alone this Valentine’s Day there is love to express by taking the lead and plan a gathering of friends (even a few) and go to a Covid safe dinner with 2-8 people, I call it the “LOVE CLUB” and I have done this ritual for years (especially when I was single).

If you have a fun group and don’t want to be in the crowds, have everyone bring a dish over to your place and have a potluck and rent “When Harry Met Sally” or other old romantic favorites. Have each person bring a gift (like a flower or chocolates) and celebrate love and friendship together. Count your blessings and toast to the love yet to come. Tell each other your vision and the type of person you’re looking for and have your friend assist and support you in your search.

Play Cupid and bring along an extra single friend (of the opposite sex) who doesn’t know anyone in your group and who knows what magic could happen! Plan ahead! Be in charge…Be your own Valentine! There are many Covid safe events and parties happening around town so check with friends or plan your own.

In Love? If you have a special Valentine be grateful and take time to express the reason you have chosen this heart to cherish. It’s a day to be romantic and playful. Ladies often men feel so much pressure to know what you want, so subtle hints are great in casual conversation. You can also take the lead and tell your man you have something special planned and have a plan of your own, I have created theme nights with special food,  candles all over the house with Rose petals leading to a bath, massage, and romance. Use your imagination and remember men are visual so wears something that brings out the goddess in you!  There are so many things to do for those in love…just check online.

  • Casual daters don’t be afraid to send a token of love even if you are not committed. Valentine’s Day is a day to express feeling but no worries…you don’t have to be serious. Since I work with many single men, Valentine’s Day is just not a big deal for most of them.  Just another day for Hallmark to make millions according to many of the men I’ve heard from.  For women, it still pushes some buttons even if we don’t like to admit it. Here are a few suggestions for people who are just starting to date to do for Valentine’s Day without going overboard. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a small thoughtful gift makes your day and you don’t have to spend tons of money.
  •  Send a card that is funny and leave a small box of chocolates
  • Put some Hershey kisses at their doorstep with a single flower
  • Call to say Happy Valentines Day and set up a future date.
  • Go to lunch or a picnic instead of an expensive dinner.
  • You could call and say “ I really like you but we aren’t at the “Valentine’s Day Stages yet. I am getting together with friends for a casual dinner if you’d like to join us. Then your friends can check out your date and you can please everyone!
    Happy Valentines Day! Keep spreading the love and it will show up in your life!

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