Dear Renée (The Love Designer )

I love your column…I’m a single mother with 2 children. What advice do you have for the single moms who want to date? Are men interested in dating single moms?

Curious Single Mom

Dear Curious Single Mom (but this advice goes for both sexes),

I have facilitated over 200,000 singles connecting in Southern California at Rapid Dating and Networking events. I’d say at least 1/3 or more are single parents. Dating for Single parents can be a challenge and getting back into the dating arena takes time, a healed heart and openness to love again. Yes, some men do not mind dating single mother, but some are a bit leery.

I have facilitated men’s seminars for years and many men are open to dating single moms if they aren’t in the bitter break up phase. Face it, ladies, men love being the center of our universe and we must look at the reality from both sides of the fence. You have to make them see you will have time for them.

Dating with kids is a balancing act, especially for women. In most cases, the children live with mom most of the time and once you adjust to the separation, the new status of being single again, it’s time to get back into the “Drivers seat of your Love Life”. Just like doing any new sport (and dating can seem like one) take baby steps. Create a pit crew of support with friends and family and don’t talk about your “ex” to men or women when you connect.
Here are some tools for getting back into the game: These tools apply to single Dad’s too!

* Heal yourself and get the kids settled in before you go on a dating rampage
*Pamper yourself and prepare mentally by reading book and articles such as this
*Get a supportive (pit crew) to make some space in your life for new friends and dates (swap kids for dating nights)
* Check your beliefs about finding love and friendship again (if you don’t believe you can… you will not be open to it, period.)
* Would you date you in the state you are in? Get help if you need it. Come to my women’s seminar and learn how men think and open your heart to men.
* Have fun flirting, and don’t dress like a “frumpy” mom. Show off your assets and wear things that enhance your beauty (call me for a makeover or if you need a wardrobe pickup)
* Explore your dating options online and networking events.

Come try Rapid Dating Social Networking parties or Rapid Networking for business to get you started. To get on our weekly newsletter list. go to: www.René and sign in on our home page to receive info. Come practice your dating skills at a lighthearted Rapid dating social event . You’ll feel more hopeful and inspired once you see how many people you can meet. We have had huge success and would love to support you on your journey in the dating game. Love can happen at any time. Are you open? Check out my coaching, seminars and products to tune you up if you are rusty in the dating game I can help! It’s my passion and I have helped hundred of people connect!!

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