Women Flirt with ME to make their Men Jealous!

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Women flirt with me to make their men jealous!

Dear Renée ,

I love your advice and pod casts and wanted to write need your opinion. Anumber of times over my dating years, I havefound that I devote too much time talking to women at parties or social events with women who are not interested in me. Sometimes, I have found that women have used me to make their boyfriends jealous. Usually, this consists simply of talking to me and flirting with me (e.g. standing close to me, complementing me) with the significant other in the room, at a large party.

Sincethese women are not interested in me, after flirting for a time, they make their way back to their significant other, leaving me feeling a little used, and mystified. I assume women do this to gain some traction or advantage in a relationship. In other cases, I find that I spend timing with women who are flirting with me who are unattached, but are not interested me and are flirting with me in order to gain some confidence or just to get a little temporary attention.

What is the correct protocol to ensure someone is unattached AND interested before spending a significant amount of time with them at a social event?


Dear Mystified,
This is a common experience and a feels like a bummer, especially when are attracted to someone. It is time to stop acting like a victim and look at this experience as an opportunity to connect! At least they are talking to you and not rejecting you! I suggest coming up with a few questions to determine whether women are a viable target, before spending a significant amount of time speaking with them. Be direct and ask early on “are you here with anyone?” It’s that simple.

1. Many people feel uncomfortable and get frustrated because they wasted time! You also could do a REFRAME and look at this situation from a few different perspectives.1You are just an approachable person. Only you know from the “Vibes” if she is just playing games…so have fun with it and then move on! By acting calm and collected other women will be attracted to you and she may even introduce you to some women that are single.

2. Both sexes play games sometimes. Look at this situation as a game and play with it. It is good practice.

3. This woman is obviously in need of attention and she may believe that by flirting in front of her man it will make him want her more. If she is trying to get a rise out of her man I’d say you’d be better off moving on to another woman and use her to make you become more of a magnet to other women.
4. Instead of feeling used…be flattered, be cool and say something to make her think…like “I’m flattered that you are talking to me but I noticed you were here with another man. Are you trying to get your man jealous or are you just friends? If you were my woman I’d rather have you put your focus on me.” This is a nice way of letting her know how you feel and perhaps she will think twice next time of teasing her man. If she is just his friend she will speak up since she may be flirting with you!

You should just enjoy the moment, relax and move on sooner. Some people are just social and you are taking this too personally. Some women are just teases and enjoy the game of flirting. It sounds like this scenario pushes some of your buttons so perhaps you might want to attend my upcoming seminars and build your confidence or go online and get my Love Mechanics book to help build your confidence . It is entitled SECRETS into the Minds of Women… ‘The SMART MAN’S GUIDE TO DATING ATTRACTING & UNDERSTANDING WOMEN and you can be assured to increase your success with Women. Go to www.Renéepiane.com and get n our email list or attend one of our upcoming seminars or Rapid CocktailParties events where you know the women are single and looking to meet available men and rapidly increase your odds! Time is a wasting so get in the driver’s seat of your love life. I hope this helps.

Good news is…There are millions of women looking for love! If you have any love questions, dilemmas, need some advice for your love situation or need an Image makeover email me at:Renée@LoveMechanics.com or call me for a session! 310 827-1100

I am here to help!

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