Time for a LOVE TUNE UP

Hi Friends! Take my Love Survey to see if you are too busy for LOVE!!!

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It is almost the holidays and it might be time for you to re-evaluate your love life! It’s time to make new commitments to yourself regarding your love life so you can create a magical relationship! Here is my questionnaire for you as you Take The Love Mechanics Love Tune-Up Survey:

This week, take the time to ask yourself these VERY IMPORTANT questions, and in my next newsletter, come back for myTune-Up Prescription!

Here is your “Tune Up Questionnaire” and answer it honestly:
1. Are you too busy for Love?
2. Is your business taking over your life?
3. Do you expect love to come knocking when you don’t even have time for you?
4. Are you the person you want to attract?
5. Are you living now how you would be if you were in LOVE?
6. Have you taken time to prepare for love BEFORE it comes?
7. Do you have a “Passenger Remaining in your Vehicle?”
8. Is there someone still nagging at your heart, sucking your energy and draining your time?

LOVE TIP: Do not waste time on “Dead End” relationships. Get support to heal. I wasted too many years wondering why, and I carried anger for too long blocking new love. GET OVER IT! Get some support to heal your heart! Call me for a personal coaching session to get back on track!

9. Do you have a support system?
10. Do you project open Energy?

LOVE TIP: Your attitude and energy make the difference. 80 percent of the people you encounter on a daily basis are pretty shut down and cranky.

11. Are you one of those cranky people?
12. Are you open?
13. Do you “Flirt with Life” and treat everyone you meet with honor and respect?

LOVE TIP: You never know who is watching, and kindness leaves a lasting impression. When you are nice to others, it makes it safer for others to approach you. Compliment a stranger, smile at a person walking by, and say, “Good Morning.” Sometimes that is all it takes to meet someone. “Every encounter makes a difference.”

14. Do you flirt enough? Do you know how to flirt?
15. Are you happy and balanced in your life?

LOVE TIP: Get to know what really makes you happy and do those activities now. Don’t wait for a mate to travel, take dancing lessons, work out, repaint your apartment, get new bedding or that new couch … do it NOW! Act as if you have a lover in your life before they come.

16. Is your life in balance with work and play?
17. Do you schedule a time to meet new people, and do you keep your options open?

LOVE TIP: Whether you try matchmaking service (In the Los Angeles area, I can recommend the best for you), online dating, Rapid Dating, or blind dates, be more open-minded and take more risks in your dating life!

18. How many risks have you taken?
19. Do you believe in LOVE?

LOVE TIP: Love can happen at any age, any day, at any time. Today, right now, the person you are looking for could be in line at Costco, a charity event, the dry cleaners, on your next blind date (the one you swore you’d never go on), the post office, or out walking their dog right outside your door You do get what you believe and focus on! Watch your thoughts carefully. The thoughts you think about love and relationships show up in every conversation, your body language and the “Energy” you project. Believe in LOVE and keep your heart open!

21. Do you really believe love exists?
22. Do you have limitations on your type and age ranges?

LOVE TIP: Stay open to younger, older, and in-between. The attraction has to do with energy, attitude, and openness. When it comes to dating… there are no “rules,” just unlimited possibilities.

I hope, by reflecting on these questions, I will have offered you some inspiration and insights. I have so much more to share! You can read mine (and other) love stories on my website so sign up here: http://www.RenéePiane.com to get regular postings sign up to subscribe to this blog above!

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