Single Workaholics! Take Time fot Love! by Renée Piane

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My message for Single WORKAHOLICS…Take Time for LOVE
written by: Renée Piane

We work…We strive…We conquer…

But deep inside

We we dream and yearn for someone to understand our hearts.

We laugh…we cry….we strive…and reach higher in our careers

We hope Love comes along to share our dreams and life with!

The weeks and months go flying by and

we check our calendars to find we’re alone again in the night.

How do we expand and conquer Love? We must Take Time for LOVE NOW!
If this sounds like you…..join me to help you Attract a Wonderful mate in your life NOW! Do it NOW! Life is so short to be working all the time…Let me help you achieve your LOVE GOALS!

I was a wonder woman myself and it took my Moms passing to slow me down! After working with over 500,000 singles over the last 17 years here in LA it is time for all of us to Take time to prepare for love! This goes for men too!
Join me Monday nights for my Get Ready for Love  Learn the Secret into the Minds of Men 5 week Teleclass that is life changing!

You can start this Monday night (and get the recordings of the last weeks class and follow along) it will change your life!
I have a great book and monthly SECRETS into the Minds of Women SEMINARS to help you in the Dating process that has changed the lives of thousands of single MEN ! I also do private coaching so CALL ME if you need help!

“Renée has truly helped me with my relationship concerns/issues and has uncovered the foundation of all this negativity. She is truly “my angel” and has made me see the light in my darkest times. I truly believe in myself and know that I will find that special gentleman to share my life with very soon. Renée has shared her techniques, real-life experiences, kind words, and prayers with me. My days are shining brighter now, thanks to Renée. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”
– Rosa Mancari

” Dear Renée, I have taken one of your “Secrets in the Minds of Men’seminars and loved it. I broke up almost two months ago from a nine-month relationship with someone who could not commit. Your work empowered me to evaluate my life and make choices from a stronger place. I recommend your work to all my friends. thank you so much!You renewed my faith in love!
-Andrea L

Listen and learn from Rene, the love Guru. I hired her and she taught me to ” Set your intentions, believe in your dreams and they will come true. ”
Renée helped me to open up to the universe to find love and all of it’s possibilities. Recently hurt in love with many failed relationship, I sought out the advice of Renée. I learned how to set my intentions, awake my femininity and open my heart to find the love of my life, my soul mate.
Thank you, my friend, Renée, for teaching me how to ask for what I need and for helping me recognize and listen to my intuitions to find Andy, the love of my life.
With love, Brenda

Now it is your TURN!
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I am here to expand your heart and help YOU Become the love you are seeking!!!

Renée Piane Campanella
Love Reinvention Specialist
Author of Get Real about Love and
Love Mechanics
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