Why are people so afraid when they meet someone that they like? Some singles meet people, then they are afraid because it could be the real thing! Why does FEAR come into their heart instead of LOVE? Doubt? Worry? Is the world so jaded that when something good comes your way you run? Have we all stopped believing in the real thing? Some people have patterns that need breaking with some support! Perhaps dating a commitment phobic turned your heart to stone! Some people are afraid to commit while others are just AFRAID TO LOVE AGAIN at all!

I see this scenario everyday in my consulting. It amazes me how many people are unhappy and slugging around over a person that treated them badly, rejected them, or was downright unavailable! I see these false hopes of having these butt heads change… (This is not going to happen) and meanwhile you’re blocking the path for a new clean slate because you’re pinning over a fantasy of someone else changing! IT”S YOU that needs a WAKE UP CALL!

These blocks keep our hearts locked up for years. Does the pain of a few bad relationships make you want to stop loving? Can you open up to risk again? To trust? To expand with someone? Are you afraid to love again?

What can you do to let the love in? I suggest really taking a good look at what you believe you deserve and what you have settled for in the past! Were you honest with yourself when you dated someone that you knew wasn’t the real thing and yet you staid in a dysfunctional relationship because you didn’t want to be alone? Or perhaps you don’t feel worthy to receive love or respect from another person because of bad experiences from your family or a broken heart?

Wake up and Get Real with yourself… is this experience what you want from your life? Being miserable? Lonely? Can you risk just one more time? Why not attempt at looking on the inside and get support to change your inner beliefs? We create our reality daily and today you can choose differently! Join my classes  for Women to Get Ready for Love 

I CAN HELP you like the thousands of others I have coached and helped from all over the world on my TELESEMINARS to learn my Flirting with Life Techniques !
By changing your thoughts and starting again to see that life isn’t about being treated badly …it’s about expecting only the best for yourself and setting higher standards to live by. Start with the standard of only being treated with love and respect! When you take a stand and live by those standards others will rise to meet you and the negative people will fall away. See the fear melt as you take back your power by changing your conversations with others and with yourself. Risk again! Try one more time…be the love you are asking for deep inside and eventually if the wall isn’t so thick or built up so high perhaps you could love again! Let someone in! The person in your past doesn’t represent the way everyone is!

I know this is true because I protected my heart for many years (in my past) and made the walls so thick no one could penetrate them! How thick are your walls? Let go and open your heart to love! Life is moving fast! Don’t let fear ruin your chance for love! You are in the driver’s seat…take control! Call me for coaching or take my Seminars from anywhere in the world!!!

PLEASE JOIN ME Live or Online for both single men and Women!!! check out this link : GET BACK IN THE GAME with no FEAR!
Love to help you achieve your LOVE Vision!

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