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Are you REINVENTING your Love Life right now? Want to Create a New love Story for yourself? Do you have any guidance? In my seminars and coaching, I discuss goals and aspirations in love every day. Most people start the new year with big promises that by April should have kicked in. Have you kept aligned with the goals you set for yourself in January?

Joining the gym, meeting new people or perhaps signing up for a social group to expand your social structure? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the way you are handling your life and your goals in love…and REINVENT your plan of action! I have monthly Seminars you can attend from anywhere so join me to Recharge your faith and Reinvent your LOVE LIFE! If you sign up here I can send you a FREE Recording I did on the 5 Keys to Reinvent your Love life CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Do you have a support system set up? A friend that cares about your life and goals? We all need a support system and many singles I coach just keep their challenges under wrap. If you are READY for LOVE join my for my 6 Week life-changing step by step process for SINGLE Women Looking to Meet the Man of their DREAMS and a Teleseminar for Men to learn the SECRETS into the Minds of WOMEN!

Join me for my class LIVEin Marina Del Rey or by phone if you live afar!

Role models are important and I want to be one of yours now that I have achieved my love vision!

So here is one tip from my GET READY for LOVE class!

If you know people whose lives are living examples of what you desire to achieve, be willing to ask for some inspiration and feedback. Most people are happy and honored to offer advice if you sincerely request their support while you’re growing and opening your heart to love!

Seeking out their wisdom and letting them know you’d appreciate their guidance and belief in you makes them feel like they can contribute to helping someone else’s vision for success. People that are happy in dynamic relationships can enhance your life and open your eyes to discover new ways of creating love in your life. You will be surprised at how many people will be supportive, especially if you have been negative in the past. As you evolve, people will say, “I’m so glad you’ve shifted; you used to be so down and depressed.” In time, you will become an inspiration to those observing your changes!
READY for real Results join me on May 2nd – June 13th and Achieve your LOVE VISION!

HERE is the link to see the class itinerary and the video of me speaking about the event! GET REINVENTED and GET Ready for LOVE

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