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Dear Renée
After attending one of your Rapid Dating Cocktail Parties, I ended up connecting with four women. It was so easy to meet people there I could not believe it. The challenge is I like them all and have had a few casual dates with each of them. The trouble is I have fooled around with one of them and now she thinks our relationship is exclusive. We never discussed any arrangement. What can I do? I am not ready to be dating only one woman. Help!

Dating 4 Women

Dear Dating 4 Women,
Wow good for you for the abundance of success! You are the man! I’m sure you got an instant injection of confidence by having four women say “yes” to you….This must make you feel great! Now to get down to the advice that will help all daters. Whether you’re online dating, rapid dating, a matchmaker or meeting through friends… we all need to communicate with the people we meet.

I have had many attendees experience this situation and my advice is…HONESTY is the best policy. When the chemistry is hot, many people who are casually dating make assumptions that a little booty and chemistry means exclusive dating. It’s all about communicating openly to all the women (and for the ladies reading this to communicate with the men you date) and letting them know you had met some other people at the event and you are casually dating others at this time.

As long as you are open and honest there is no harm done. You especially need to communicate with the girl you fooled around with to lower her expectations. If she likes you she may feel insulted since she felt a strong connection with you, yet I am sure she will respect your honesty. This exact situation happened to my own brother Bryan, who met his girlfriend at one of my events a few years ago. He was overwhelmed by all his dates after recently going through a divorce. He told 5 women the truth about being open to meeting all his newly found friends and Robin (the women he is with now) called him and said “call me when you are done dating other women I want a boyfriend.” He went out on a few dates then called her to give it a try. They ended up together and will be married soon.

Eventually, if you are being an honest and conscious person, the cream will rise to the top and you will find someone special or we might see you at another event in the future and you will get a few more great connections!

It’s all about being open and you’ll at least make some new friends if a romantic relationship doesn’t develop! The main message is for both sexes to be honest if there is no magic happening and then a person can move on. Don’t leave people hanging and make them wonder what happened after you had a spark! By treating people they way you want to be treated, you will get back the same experiences in your life.

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