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Dear Love Mechanic Renée ,

I’ve enjoyed reading your direct love advice columns. I wish I’d come across
them much sooner as I just ended a somewhat long-term friendship that I had hoped would blossom into a relationship. I would’ve ended it sooner had I know of your work.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who missed a few warning
signs along the way, and fell in love with someone who had no idea I
cared for her that much to the point of her never even considering me in that way?
As far as the healing process is concerned, I’m not being
very patient. I thought I’d give this relationship businessone more try, and was burned worse than ever in the process due not so much to her, but rather my ability to read her signals or hints even if
seemingly encouraging words were spoken, or gestures given, from time totime. I do not plan to return to the dating wars as I’m too old for this sort of thing, and have discovered in the hardest way that I’m
not cut out for relationships. That’s a tough admission to make but some of us are indeed better off single, like me.
No More dating for me!

Dear No more Dating for Me!

I felt sad when I received your note! I know it hurts… but to give up on love is not option!

It’s time to take a stand for YOU. The doom and gloom your feeling will filter into every part of your life if your give up since you will be giving up on yourself. She is not your source for confidnece and you have just been focusing your love on the wrong woman! In many of my past articles I discuss this topic of chasing someone that is NOT showing interest and how this experience eats away at our self esteem, you heart and other possible relationships.

Have you read my Love Mechanics book and done any inner work to help you get in touch with yourself?

I know this important tuneup will help you to see how you can shift gears! Some women do enjoy your company but don’t want to be romantic because you are not showing that inner confidence woman want! Yes it sucks… but it’s just the truth. Learn the signs and read them sooner and take action to change your future NOW!!

Remember, this is only one woman out of many that would love to be in a relationship…yes even with you! You just need to learn more about how to effectively communicate with women about who you are and what you want without dragging your emotions on and on for years with the wrong person! You become first what YOU want to attract…this will take you in a whole new direction

Often men don’t learn the tools to create relationships until they are in pain. These painful experiences make us all look at our self worth and normally we take it out on ourselves to the point of giving up. And then the ripping away at yourself in the silent moments of your day…You’ll hear yourself saying… Why not me? What did I do wrong? I’m done with love! Sound familiar?? You aren’t the only person experiencing a banged up heart. I hear this terminology a lot in my business!

Take this as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and examine your target before you give yourself and your heart to a woman. Discover if she is going to reciprocate the effort before wasting so much time. This takes some practice.

We all learn from our experiences and some can be rough on our hearts! I say give me a call for a personal and private session and let me assist you to kick start your love life with some tools to help you to:

1. Not take things so personally

2. Ask questions that will help you to see if there is a compatible match next time!

3. Build more confidence in yourself and what you have to offer

4. Create a support system (often men face these demons alone)

5. Get back into the game of life with tools and steps that will change your life.

You might choose to stay single and do some healing but don’t ever give up on love.
Create some support, learn new skills and if you don’t know how call me for a tune up, read my book Love Mechanics or join my live online seminars for men held monthly online

You must get back the control of your life and shift your attitude and the book or my persoanl coachingwill give you a step by step system to do just that! Good luck and remember you are in the driver’s seat of your mind…not her! Life is so amazing live it to the fullest!

Have a love or dating question or need some love advice?? Need a Private Consultation? Call 310-827-1100 or Email: Renée@René to make an personal one on one appointment and I can help you personally with all your dating and love challenges. Still Single? Suddenly Single? Want to liven up your love life? Join us at a Rapid Dating cocktail mixers, held in cities all over the Southern California. Get on our info list and check out our events at http://www.René and join in on all the fun. Check out my weekly PODCASTS on line giving FREE ADVICE Weekly!

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