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Hi Single friends!  After years in the love industry and matching thousands of singles, I know that most people complain they cant meet other cool people. It’s time to get into action! Go spread the love” and love will find you! Join me and some great people and get connected!holidaystaff2011 

I say get online and look for fun social events in your community or do what I did, and start one in your local community! People like to meet face to face to see if there is a connection. If one group is not a great fit, go explore other groups that are searching to connect and find your family/ tribe!

I have hosted many parties, flirting classes, Networking events and  love panels and the magic can happen when you least expect it! I know some parties can be lame, but when you go out with an open mind you can connect with new life long friendships, make new business contacts and who knows what could happen?I have love support groups and cool classes and fun events monthly to help you expand your thinking and shake up your mind and life . If you live in Los Angeles get your butt out and come connect. I host parties a lot and I’m excited to share my new book GET REAL about LOVE at some fun and free book signings I’d love to see you there. come get inspired and connected!  Take a risk and attend!  See you there!

I have awesome seminars, panels  and coaching programs to help you learn how to ask for what you need and Get Real about what could be blocking you from love!

Renee Piane ~The Love Designer

My New Book “Get Real about LOVE The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True LOVE!” will help you Get Real with yourself if you are not having luck in the dating game! Call me if are serious about finding love! I have helped thousands of people find their life partners! It’s your turn!

If you have a love or dating question or dilemma please Email Me . I will do my best to help! Need a dating makeover or personal dating consulting call NOW at
310-827-1100! I can help you win in the game of Love!

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