Why Couples Break Up Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day
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As a Dating Coach and Love Designer, I find that most break ups are before, after or during the holidays between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day!! This time of year is when most couples face the reality of their relationship status. The pedal hits the metal when one of the partners has expectations of how these “special holidays” should be going and the fantasy doesn’t match reality. Holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day bring up a mixed bag of emotions for most singles.

As an International Love Coach at www.SinglesAdvice.com and author of Get Real about Love – The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love, I believe that people need to get real and discuss how they like to spend special holidays and manage their expectations. It all depends on the current status of your relationship!

Sometimes, if it’s a new budding relationship, it’s just too soon to take you home for the holidays or expect to be their date on Valentine’s Day. The person you’re dating doesn’t want to go there! So, lighten up or your partner might run off if there is too much pressure. The media already puts enough pressure on all of us with engagement and Valentine’s Day commercials.

This is when people start asking deeper questions regarding the status of the commitment and fears arise until, eventually, the truth comes out. They ask, “Where is this relationship headed?” Sometimes it’s only the pressure that makes people run. Holidays often reveal how interested someone is and simple disappointments are created that can sour a good relationship. It’s really a shame because some people break up when they really like someone and celebrating Valentine’s Day may be no big deal to their significant other.

You may assume that your relationship is getting more serious since you have been dating for more than 6 months. Unfortunately, you or your partner may not see a long term relationship happening. The various holidays show the level of commitment and can cause a breakup if you aren’t on the same page. Shit happens!

Many of my clients experiencing this say that they “assumed” the person they were dating would want to be with them over the holidays and then they suddenly disappear with no plans! It’s normal for someone to get hurt if the commitment has not been established or discussed. A lot of people break up because they figure that this relationship may not be going anywhere. I help clients learn how to ask for what they want and I find it’s often difficult for people to communicate without looking desperate!

Don’t assume that your partner knows your desires. Communicate to avoid heartache. Don’t let a holiday ruin your relationship. Lighten up and go give yourself the love you are seeking! Contact me if you need support. I can help you keep your heart open and find real love! I have awesome seminars and coaching programs to help you learn how to ask for what you need and Get Real about what could be blocking you from love!

Renee Piane ~The Love Designer

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