Fire Up your Valentine’s Day
Take Time for LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is upon us & many people get in a funk! I say what a great time to look at the reality in life…half of us are still single so GET REAL and let go of all the pressure. It’s a day for Hallmark to make millions and can pull at the inner child inside of us…especially woman! Don’t let cupid bring you down!

Whether paired up or solo are we content in our own hearts?  So many of us feel the media pressure since the focus is romance & some of us busy wonder women and super men are riding solo. Some men don’t “get” or enjoy Valentine’s Day so make your own magic!

Here are some of my Take Time for LOVE Tips for you whether you are paired up or not, to have the best day ever!

Single? Be your own Valentine. Stay in gratitude! Write a love letter to your future partner & spoil YOURSELF with a massage, music, a new journal or a heart stone. Go to a Singles Party or take the lead & plan a “LOVE CLUB” party with reservations at a low key spot or have everyone bring a dish, dessert & a single friend over for a fun potluck. Rent a few romantic films, share your love visions and toast to Love to come!  Guests are asked to bring a small gift to exchange (flowers, poem…) to celebrate love & friendship.

Another option is to play cupid and bring along an extra single friend (of the opposite sex) who doesn’t know anyone in your group and who knows what magic could happen? Plan ahead! Be in charge…Be your own Valentine! There are also many events and parties happening around town so check the papers or plan your own. Give out the love you would like to receive.

In Love?
It’s a day to be romantic & playful. Men feel so much pressure to know what you want, so subtle hints are great in casual conversations. Take the lead & tell your partner you have something special planned…candles, massage, a hot bath, their favorite foods…use your imagination & remember, men are visual so wear something that brings out the goddess in you.

Casual Daters? Why not send a token of affection to a new friend even if you are not in love?

* Send a light funny E card
* Leave Hershey kisses or a small box of chocolates on their doorstep
* Plan a lunch date with him or her and go out with friends later.
* Get Real and say “Hey _____I like you a lot but we aren’t at the “Valentine’s Day Stages” yet.  I am getting together with friends for dinner if you’d like to join us.” Take the pressure off & relax! Spread the love and it will show up in your life.

Love is in the air and if you have not connected with someone special, go do a good deed for someone! Spread some love and who knows who you might attract! Looking for Love?

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Happy Valentine’s Day~Love is all around you!

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