Do you find yourself repeating the SAME relationship patterns thinking that THIS time will be different only to find it the same?  Renee Piane- The Love Designer  and Author of GET Real about Love~The Secrets to Opening your heart & Finding True Love  is on an awesome show  to tell you how to GET REAL about your love life. Renee talks to hosts,Dr Kat Meyer functional nutritionist Diane Kazer  and Dr Cat Meyer about the modern dating world, what’s causing us to to struggle with finding our romantic match, and how to improve our flirting skills.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Signs in your relationships that you are repeating a love loop
  • How Grief, Grudges, and Guilt are keeping you from finding your romantic partner
  • Specific tips for better flirting in today’s world!
  • How you can get real about love and create your environment and self to receive it
    Check it out at: If  you are in a love loop and need help getting out of it, Contact Renee for a Coaching session.I’d love to get your feedback and hear about your love loop story. Get out of you’re mess and find true love!