It’s Mother’s Day! Make your Mom Feel Special!

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Make your Mom Feel the Love

Happy month of May. Mother’s Day is coming up fast! Yes, we are still dealing with the corona situation and Moms and Dads are on double duty. How can you give appreciation and make your mother feel special during this challenging time and stay safe?  It’s the month to spoil all mothers and I wanted to focus on how much our moms and grandmothers do to enhance our lives. I work with hundreds of single mothers and married women with kids in my love consulting business. Many single moms express that they often feel somewhat disappointed on Mother’s Day.

Not only do I hear what women want from the men in their lives, but also what they want their kids to know. Motherhood can be very challenging. Moms are often preoccupied with work and household duties, as well as taking care of children, husbands, aging parents, and it’s difficult for them to find time to take care of themselves and have some fun. Any Dad’s out there you can help your younger kids learn how to give their Mom appreciation.

So… get moving and get creative to spoil your Mom!

There are moms, stepmoms, grandmoms, and single moms. Each of them has their work cut out for them. Most moms feel underappreciated for all they do and most of us (especially if we aren’t a parent) don’t realize all the jobs moms juggle. The job of mothering never ends, even after the kids move away for college or out on their own. Time flies by so quickly and often kids never realize all the special and daily tedious tasks that moms perform. Recently on Good Morning America, there was a report that if mothers were to be paid for all they do, they would be making a six-figure income.

Now let’s face it, some of us may not be close to our mothers and they may not have been perfect but they all deserve acknowledgment for the contributions to our lives. Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate that they brought you into this world and may have had their struggles. Remember, mothers, are people with challenges, imperfections, and needs of their own. Don’t we all want to be appreciated and acknowledged? YES, we all do! So, reach out and let your Mom know you were thinking of her and connect. It will make her day!
What can you easily do to make your mom feel special and appreciated on this “Not your normal” Mother’s Day?

  • Send or make a card or write a poem with thoughts from your heart
    (handwritten on beautiful paper). My mom saved every Mother’s Day card we ever made her.
  • Get her a new smartphone and set it up with all her vital phone numbers of her close family and friends. For older parents, there are phones with easy-to-read touchpads that my mother and father enjoyed using. Teach your Mom how to use it.
  • Make her a playlist of her favorite songs on Spotify 
  • Don’t have money for a gift? Give the gift of your time!  She may need extra help during this crazy time. Offer to do her food shopping, errands, and household projects so she can have a break (paint her bathroom, clean out her messy garage, take her old clutter to Goodwill). She will be thrilled!
  • Make a future date for brunch at a special place with a beautiful garden setting. Pick her up and make her feel like the “Queen for the day.”  (If you live far away plan this when you go visit)
  • Invite her over for a future special Mother’s Day dinner and make her favorite dishes.
  • Buy her something she would never buy herself and have it delivered (a new shawl, a new spring handbag, or a new silk robe or pajamas to lounge in. Gift certificates are an option so she can shop online.
  • Set up her TV remote with Netflix or HBO if she doesn’t have cable so she can stay entertained.
  • Pamper her with a gift certificate for a massage, facial, or manicure to a salon close to her to give her something to look forward to. Many places offer online gift certificates. She can go soon once your city reopens (you can send it to her from anywhere in the world…no excuses!)
  • Get her an Alexa Echo dot online at Amazon in all price ranges. Set it up to her wifi. Then she can get info and hear her favorite musical artists and tune into all the oldies she likes.
  • Set up an Echo Show HD 8 inch screen smart display for all her favorite photos or make her a special photo album with favorite photos and memories.
  • RING Video doorbell with HD video with motion-activated alerts for safety.
  • Most moms would appreciate just being acknowledged with a special phone call and a warm “thank you!”.

They may not ask you for these things, but most secretly wish you would do them. Get creative. She has sacrificed a lot for you!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there! You Rock!

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