In the world of love, everyone is wondering, can you still date safely during this pandemic? Well, we all thought Covid 19 would be over by now! We are all adjusting to this new reality and it’s not going away anytime soon! I’m here to support you in any phase of love you are experiencing!
I say anything is possible if you are careful and creative. So, here are a few tips for people that are single and looking for love. In our recent history, there has never been a time we have all quarantined to our homes for this long. Even though we are supposed to stay home and be safe, we all need to go out to get food, medication, and supplies. We all must stay positive and connected!

You can meet someone new if you are open and believe that love is possible. So, if you are single, this is still a great time to connect with people in person whenever you are out and about. We are all feeling a bit distant, and many people avoid connecting others, even although we are wearing masks. I have advised thousands of people to learn my “Flirting with Life” techniques that will help you to connect with people during these challenging times. Come have some fun!
I have Co-ED Flirting Classes monthly

Today imagine that you might meet the man or woman of your dreams. Act “as if today could be that day.”  What outfit would you wear? Get dressed whenever you go out in something you would wear on a casual date.

Smile at a stranger and say, “good morning!” Compliment them with a genuine interest and ask questions that elicit a response beyond a simple “yes” or “no.” Be curious, open, and kind to everyone you meet. Open up your energy with everyday people and practice talking to strangers. Try something simple, like: “How are you today?” or “You look great in that mask!.” These “positive vibes” often are felt by other people who are there, and kindness leaves a trail. Most importantly, it’s heartwarming to have brightened someone’s day.

Where do singles go? Many of my single clients are out every day on hikes, biking, working out in parks and walking their dogs, shopping for food, home depot, and often hanging out at door cafes and coffee shops.

So, to inspire people, I’ve been teaching my online flirting classes monthly, and I advise my clients to join online virtual networking events and dating events.

During this crazy time, the most popular way to connect is still online dating & dating apps like J Swipe, Tinder, Bumble, and online dating sites,, Silver,, and freebie sites like and many more. Do some research, depending on your age there is something out there for you.

If you are not getting good results online, it’s time to give your profile a makeover or try a new site. Just adding new pictures and descriptive adjectives will help your odds. I help peoples set up successful profiles as a part of my coaching, and I find many people do not know how to spice up their profiles to attract the right people. Often, they have unflattering photos and need to update their image. I have helped hundreds of clients get new results fast. Contact me for a FREE Evaluation.

So how do you date safely after you meet someone online?
Well, first I suggest meeting by phone to hear their voice or just go on Zoom, Face Time, Skype, to see if there is a connection.
Try to set up an area to do your video chats that have good lighting and wear colors that make you feel great. I do many zoom coaching calls, and light, and the position of your computer makes a difference.
If you know someone’s name, check them out online on Facebook, Linked, and other social media networks. Many people are finding this slower pace is helping them get to know people “the old-fashioned way.” Learn more about them and their lifestyle and ask if they have been safe before you meet. Be calm and set up the boundaries, so your date is stress-free.

Everyone that is dating needs to be honest. Discuss if either of you has had any symptoms or have been out in large groups. You can meet wearing masks and carry hand sanitizer. In my experience, it’s best to make the first date short to check out the vibes. Then set up a safe place to meet like a nice park where there are other people. Each of you can bring a blanket, food, or drinks to share. Many of my clients meet at outdoor cafés so they can socially distance but still connect. If you are getting along, decide if you want to hang out longer. There is nothing worse than planning a 4-hour date, and there is no connection.

My cousin has been doing “drive-by parking lot dates,” where she and her potential suitors pull up in their cars and check each other out. They discuss safety (she got tested and was negative), and she is having lots of fun, often meeting 2 -3 men in a day. She asks excellent questions, and after a short date, they can walk away or decide to move forward. She has had some fun picnics in the park and a few casual dates on outdoor patios. She hasn’t found “the one” yet, but she is having a blast and keeping her heart open to love. So play it safe and stay in faith. Your match is probably home alone right now, looking online! To explore and take some actions you would not usually take. Love is out there and will show up when you least expect it. Blessings to you on your journey.

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