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Is He Dumping Me?

Hi Renée (Love Mechanic,)
I love reading your love advice and I need some guidance. I have been dating a man, who is very sweet and kind, he is younger than I am, and we are having a great time. He keeps me guessing now. I have met one of his kids…he has 3 girls and I have met one of them. He has not met my kids yet. He had introduced me to his friends and I get along with them fine. He has not met my friends. I have not heard from him for 4 days now and I have called him twice. He usually calls me every day or every other day. I am not sure what to do? I have two calls into him and he has not returned any of mine. It is very unusual. I can’t think of anything that went wrong, and I am not sure what to do or how to respond. Dating guru help….Is he dumping me?
Thanks for the reply.
Name withheld

Dear Friend,
STOP calling and stay calm. I am not sure of how long you have been dating him, but he may be feeling pressured. From my years of experience if it has been only been few months I find some women often freak and get needy since they don’t know where they stand. Stay confident, collected and watch your vibes. Those vibrations of neediness will make him RUN!

I do not know enough about the depth of intimacy you have shared with him and if you have slept with him casually and you did not discuss what it means to you he may feel pressured. Do not assume sex makes him call daily or that he is committed unless you have discussed it. The pulling back is a common occurrence in dating and this is why it is good to go slow before jumping in physically and emotionally. You said he was younger than you so perhaps he may have believed it was a fun casual friendship. If you suddenly switched gears into thinking he might be more serious, he may be getting cold feet. Men can feel it when we want more and they are trying to process their feelings. If he is still interested, he will call you, but do not be defensive or angry since he has not called. Be happy to hear from him and when you hook up you can discuss your feelings with no pressure. Many women expect too much too soon and you need to be able to communicate your feelings without freaking him out. This is a learned art. Men hate to be forced to do anything and women often expect a lot from men they hardly know.

You could call me for a phone coaching session so I could help you regain your composure and find out more. I hope this helps. My “Secrets into the Minds of Men” seminars would assist you in regaining your power and learning more about how men think! I’d also suggest that you should keep dating other men to keep your options open.

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