Jealous & Opinionated Friend is Criticizing our Boyfriends – by Renée Piane

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jealous girls

Hi Renée
I have read some of your articles and I love the advice you give. I have a group of about six girl friends, we all hang out together. Out of the six of us only one is married. She got married very young because she was pregnant. Eight years later I and another friend are planning to get married. She has been trying to find bad things to say about are boyfriends. She has even came to me on several occasions making comments about what she would do in my relationship if she was me at the same time comparing my boyfriend with her husband. Saying “oh my husband would never do that”. My other friend who is in the process of planning her wedding she sees it to. What do you think I should do?

Dear friend
Use a A Renée Piane Love Script!
Speak up! If she is a good friend talk to her and say Her name “I just needed you to know since we are such good friends that often you say things about my relationship that has been uncomfortable for me to handle. Such as “oh my husband would never do that” and make other comparisons with mine and others mates. I know this is done out of caring, but frankly it is hurtful and insulting when you offer unsolicited advice. I and ???? are big girls and we love the men we are with, so can you please stop the comparisons since they make me feel like pulling back from our friendship. ”

As a dating coach, I teach people how to get results without being cruel! The truth done in a nice way can wake her up! You should be able to let her know since she may not be aware! Often when people see you are happy they like to pick at you. She probably was raised with criticism …so be kind. We all have old family and life patterns that need to be adjusted… this could be hers! Telling her the truth could help her and your friendship.Remember jealousy is just insecurity!
Hope this helps…

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TESTIMONIAL: I really enjoy listening and reading your advice. I am a psychologist and am constantly dealing with relationship issues with clients. Your answers are so well grounded. You must have professional training or is it just all the thousands of individuals you have met through the dating services you provide? As a therapist I am always relieved when people are giving out good advice. Unfortunately, not everyone who is popular does. Thank you.

Dr. Lori Grebb Petrie

Renée your advice saved me from staying in a terrible relationship! I thank God for you everyday. your advice is amazing and direct! I highly recommend Renée if you want results!
Linda E

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