Is your Skin ready to be touched? Some Skin tips by Renée Piane – love and makeover expert

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How important is skin for your relationship? Well it is a simple thing but often it is something a mate would notice when going out on dates or meeting for business. I have seen thousands of people on first time dates come to my Rapid Dating events and Rapid Networking event too that shake my hand …ouch dry skin and rough hands shakes. I felt like offering them hand lotion on the spot! Nothing worse than dry or patchy skin when you are trying to meet people forfriendship or be romantic. Your imagining a soft touch then you feel dry scaley hands or legs with rough skin…so what can you do?

You need to love the Skin your in and take care of it daily!

With Spring and Summer coming rapidly, we all need to take care of our skin. The sun is stronger than ever and we need protection! Yes guys you need sunscreen for your face too! Women do look at your skin and with all the great products out there there is no excuses to have dry skin!!
Some quick skin care tips:
When you take a bath or a shower, you could use the newest body scrubs with moisturizers, and lightly apply oil to your body to assist with dry skin. I often use the new body washes with oil in the shower followed by a light rinse and a towel to tap it dry. It is highly suggested to use body lotion/oil on your body because men are extremely sensually stimulated and like to touch soft and conditioned skin and it is appealing for men to see a woman who cares for her body and appearance. Have your skin ready to be touched.

In the winter, or in dry heat, your skin can get really dry, especially your arms, legs, and face so you want to make sure your skin is moisturized. You can go to your local drugstore or health food store to buy body lotion, preferably without mineral oil (Aveeno is an excellent choice). If you use lotions, oils, and body scrubs you will be keeping your skin in it is most desired condition and will be making a good investment for your body.

My mom used to say ….Your face is your fortune…so take good care of it! For all of you wanting to Rejuvinate your skin…check out Lori Hart; a skin specialist who can lift your face with special magical techniques! If you live in Southern California she is offering FREE mini Facials! Yes it is for men to try also! Live near here call Lori or go to someone in your area or a skin care school for those of you on a budget!
Lori is alos selling amazing home skin care facial kits that lift your face with no surgery! you can look years younger…FAST!
Her info is Lori Hart at
Give her a call at 310 -574-3990 and check out this cool video explaining some of her techniques. She does many movie stars and works on me once a month! Here is my interview with her…so check it out!





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